Avity is a dynamic DJ duo from Ukraine, whose new project began in 2023. Despite their recent start, they have already made waves in the industry with their debut EP, which reached an impressive 15th spot in the Top-100 Progressive House charts.

Avity’s captivating blend of melodic techno/house and progressive sounds sets them apart, ensuring an unforgettable experience for audiences worldwide. Immerse yourself in the world of electrifying beats, mesmerizing melodies, and unforgettable music experiences.

From exclusive live sets and behind-the-scenes studio sessions to innovative music videos and insightful interviews, Avity’s channel is your gateway to the cutting edge of electronic music. Join our community of Melopeople , dance enthusiasts, and creative souls, and let’s dive into a world of boundless creativity, where the power of music knows no limits. Subscribe now and become a part of the Melosisters revolution!

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