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Ronna Riva sets the internet on fire with a song dedicated to Rapid

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Not only Granata Records celebrates the Great Rapid Centenary through music.

The artist Ronna Riva has just released a song dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Rapid’s life and it is already causing a sensation on Youtube!

Who is Ronna Riva?

Ronna Riva, an artist who gave up pharmacy for a career in music, managed to turn her dream into reality. Although originally intended for another profession, Ronna followed her passion and became one of the most talented and appreciated voices on the Romanian music market.
After graduating from the Queen Maria National College of Arts, Music department in Constanța, Ronna was guided in a completely different direction by her parents. They insisted that she enroll in the Faculty of Pharmacy, which initially caused resistance from the artist. Ronna always wanted to make music and feared that she would not be able to excel in any other field. However, a seemingly miraculous occurrence had a profound impact on his decision.
One day, while intending to take her cat for mating, Ronna coincidentally ended up in the house of the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy. The owner of that home was the owner of the cat with whom her cat mated, resulting in the birth of Persie, her current cat. This incident seemed to him a divine sign and he considered it as a prompt to prepare for the Faculty of Pharmacy. Thus, Ronna gave admission and entered this faculty.

After graduating from college, Ronna Riva made a brave decision and chose to move to Bucharest to follow her dream in music. Aware that she would have to work hard to support herself financially and invest in her music career, Ronna took a job as a pharmacist. The salary and financial support provided by her parents contributed to her maintenance and investments in music. The profession of a pharmacist is a demanding one, and her free time was limited, but any free moment was entirely dedicated to the music studio.
In 2015, Ronna Riva released her first single, which experienced international success in countries such as Turkey, Iran, Russia, Greece and even India. However, success did not come immediately, and the artist continued to work in the pharmaceutical field. Understanding that music involves not only talent, but also a business approach, Ronna invested a lot of time and money to build her own career without the support of a record label. At the same time, he excelled in the profession of pharmacist, quickly reaching the position of chief pharmacist with major responsibilities and subordinates.
However, as music brought her material and personal satisfaction, Ronna chose to fully pursue her musical dream. Music is her unique passion, and she has put considerable effort into achieving her goals. Thus, Ronna Riva proved that perseverance, hard work and the courage to follow your own dream can bring success in any field.
Today, Ronna Riva is recognized as one of the most talented and appreciated artists in the Romanian music industry. With her strong vocation and dedicated approach, Ronna continues to captivate audiences with her inspiring songs and captivating stage performances.

Written by: 5fm

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